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  1. Title: Bengkel Kelestarian Dan Kemahiran Bersama Ibu Tunggal: Ke Arah Masa Hadapan Sejahtera
    Date: 12 October 2012
    Venue: Amanpura Hotel, Sungai Petani, Kedah

  2. Title: Perkongsian Ilmu dengan Ibu-ibu Tunggal: Strategi Ekonomi Ke Arah Masa Hadapan Sejahtera
    Date: 10 August 2012
    Venue: Seminar Room, Vistana Hotel, Penang

  3. Title: Bengkel Penilaian Potensi Keusahawanan Ibu Tunggal
    Date: 21 March 2012
    Venue: Centre for Research on Women and Gender (KANITA), USM

  4. Title: Bengkel Penilaian Potensi Keusahawanan Ibu Tunggal
    Date: 27 December 2011
    Venue: Centre for Research on Women and Gender (KANITA), USM

  5. Title: Bengkel Penilaian Potensi Keusahawanan Ibu Tunggal
    Date: 21 November 2011
    Venue: Centre for Research on Women and Gender (KANITA), USM

No. Research Title Principal Investigator
1. Gender dan Orientasi Keusahawanan: Pemerkasaan Ibu Tunggal Ke Arah Kelestarian Keusahawanan

Assoc. Prof. Intan Osman
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The University-Industry Engagement concept at USM involves a strategic scholarly partnership between USM and industry. By this strategy, partners commit to contribute and collaborate with one another in the fields of research, professional development and such other scholarly activities as are relevant and mutually beneficial to the university and industry. The partnership implements ground-breaking projects and programs which apply research ideas and concepts to meet the social, economic, knowledge and skill needs of communities. The expected outcome from this partnership will be reflected in the refinement and enhancement of the sustainability of both industry and the university, and their contributions to national development and enrichment.

Community engagement refers to the process by which organisations and individuals build on-going, permanent relationships; and apply a collaborative vision to benefit the community. It encompasses participation from the beginning by identifying issues and mobilising relevant resources and strategies in improving the community towards change. The elements of engagement, partnership, coalitions and sustainability are essential in ensuring communities social functioning and well-being. Community engagement requires voluntary participation of all parties which results in mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources.


  • To act as a one-stop referral centre or gateway for the industry and the community.
  • To ensure that the engagement with industry and community is in line with the vision and mission of the university.
  • To ensure that linkages and engagement with the industry and the community are meaningful, effective and sustainable.
  • To raise and enhance the linkages and engagement at state, national, regional and international levels.

Source: http://icn.usm.my/