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Workshop On Researching Women And Society (RWS 2015)

Date: 29 September 2015 (Tuesday)

Time: 8.30 am –5.30 pm

Venue: University Conference Hall (DPU)

Developments in social science research in the last half century, particularly within the fields of women, gender and feminist studies, have called into question conventional research methodologies that assert the existence of an unquestioned objective reality and promote an invariable, universal “truth”, often obliterating the experiences of marginalised groups in society. From the perspective of gender studies, the “universality” of knowledge has many androcentric assumptions and may not have taken the specific experiences of women and other social categories into account.

Some of the most important issues in understanding the social world revolve around the human constructed as a gendered being. This workshop on ‘Researching Women and Society’ takes as its point of departure an emphasis on studying social structures, processes and relationships through a gendered lens. Male-centric biases in research and analyses may be remedied by using the gender lens and by focusing on women’s specific voices and experiences. In doing this, the research will be different in terms of the questions asked and methods used, as well, the interpretations, analyses, and implications drawn.

This year, the workshop covers some issues of women, gender and education. Gender, education and development discourses have received attention in recent years. The efficient role of educated women in development cannot be ignored in the context of society. There are various theories that conceptualize gender and education and their relationships in various levels and perspectives. They all assist to realize how gender equality is achieved through education platform. Moreover, science and technology are mostly connected to men; therefore it creates challenging experiences for women who wish to advance in these areas. In this workshop, we will present interactive overviews and perspectives of the scholars in this field to comprehend further the role of women and gender in education today.

In such research, the focus is on gender differences and the way these differences structure society. Key concerns centre on structural inequalities in education, for example over the access and control of resources, and the inter-relationships with power and control. This workshop aims at an understanding how a gendered approach to research enhances our understanding of how society works. It also offers practical insights into doing social research, as well as a platform for discussion on issues such as:

  • What is gender?
  • Why is gender an important perspective in social research?
  • Is researching women different?
  • How do we use the gender lens in research practice?
  • How do gender analyses lead to change?

The workshop will be conducted by noted academics and advocates of gender studies in Malaysia and the region. The themes for panel sessions are as such:

  • Researching Women, Gender and Education
  • Women in Science: Researchers’ perspectives
  • Gender Studies Development: A reflection over time

Who should participate?

  • Postgraduate Students
  • Young Scholars and
  • Gender Activists


To register, please download and fill in the Registration Form

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