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Dr. Zaireeni Azmi

Centre for Research on Women and Gender  (KANITA)
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 USM, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Tel: (604)-653 2996
Fax: (604)-656 6379
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Academic Qualification
Universiti Malaya, M.A (Gender dan Politik), 2002
University of Tasmania, B.A (Psychology, Sociology), 1998

Area of Specialisation
Gender and Politics, Women and Politics


Selected Publication

Kasmini K., Teoh H. J., Lim, G. S. & Zaireeni, A. (2001). Juvenile Delinquency: A Study Report, Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation:

Zaireeni A., (2003) Teori Hubungan Gender dalam Politik, Man and Society, Vol 13

Zaireeni A., (2003)  Jangkaan Politik dan Peranan Gender (Political Expectation and Gender Role), SARJANA, Vol 19/20

Zaireeni A (2011), Muslimat PAS dalam Pilihanraya (Women in PAS in Election), In Mohammad Redzuan Otman et al. (pnyt)  Pilihanraya Kecil Kuala Terengganu 2009. Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

Zaireeni A, Siti Waringin, O, Noraida E, Siti Hawa, A, Mazidah, M., Rohasliney, H. & Lai,  W. T. (2012),  Types of Sexual Harassment Experienced by University Students in Malaysia: A Case Study of Undergraduates in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Journal of Teaching and Education, 1(6), pp 47-56

Zaireeni, A.  (2014)  The Concept of Gratitude (Budi) in Women’s Political Participation International Journal of Arts and Sciences 7(5): 1-11

Zaireeni, A, (2015) " Women’s Political Participation In Federal Land Development Authority (Felda): Between Two Generations " , International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS) , Volume-1,Issue-10: pp. 56-60

Lie, M., Lund, R. & Zaireeni, A.  (2015)  Change and Continuity: Revisiting the Field and Changing Analytical Positioning in Understanding Gender. In Lund R, Doneys, P & Resurrection B P (Eds.) Gendered Entanglements: Revisiting Gender in Rapidly Changing Asia, 13-40. Great Britain: NIAS Press

Zaireeni, A, (2016). Women and The New Politics in Malaysia: The Case of the Muslimat. In Rashidah, S. Diana, W. & Noraida, E.  Debating Gender Justice.  Penang: Penerbit USM

Zaireeni, A.  (2016).  Women’s Participation in Decision Making/l The Case of Muslimat in Party Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS. 2(12) : 170-175

Ummu Atiyah, A. Z. & Zaireeni, A. (2017) Women Parliamentary Candidates in GE13: Development and Direction. In Mohd Azizuddin, M. S. & Ummu Atiyah, A. Z.  Democracy At Work. Universiti Utara Malaysia

Ummu Atiyah Ahmad Zakuan, Mohammad Azizuddin Mohd Sani, Norehan Abdullah, Zaireeni Azmi, (2018) “How did we Choose?: Understanding the Northern Female Voting Behaviour in Malaysia in the 14th General Election”, Intellectual Discourse, 26(2), 859–882.



1999: Research Assistance: A Study on the Effectiveness of Yayasan Pembangunan YPKT’s Child Care Centre. Funded by the Yayasan Pembangunan Keluarga Terengganu YPKT. (Completed)

1999-2000: Research Assistance: Juvenile Delinquent: A Study Report. Funded by the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation. (Completed)

2001: Principal Researcher: A Study on Malay Women in Politics from Gender Perspective. Funded by Universiti Malaya. (Completed)

2009: Principal Researcher: Women in Political Party (Gender and leadership Grant). Funded by University Sains Malaysia (USM) (Completed)

2009-2012: Co-Researchers:  Sexual Harassment in Higher Education: Case Study Of University Sains Malaysia. Funded by University Sains Malaysia (USM) (Completed)

2011-2012: Co-Researchers: Gender dan Orientasi Keusahawanan: pemerkasaan ibu tunggal ke arah kelestarian keusahawanan. Funded by the Division of Industry & Community Network (BJIM), USM. (completed)

2011-2014: Collaborating Researcher & Principal Researcher: A Study of Change and Continuity of Social Mobility and Political Engagement Among the 2nd and 3rd Generation : Revisiting Women in FELDA Settlement , Funded by the NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (NTNU), NORWAY (Completed)

2013-2017 : Phd Research: Penglibatan Politik dan Keberadaan Wanita PAS (Political Participation and Visibility of Women in Party Islam Se Malaysia (PAS) (Completed)

2017-2018 : Collaborating Researcher :Voting Behaviour of Female Voters in Malaysia ( RUI-UUM) (Completed)

2019-2020 : Principle Researcher: Women’s Visibility In The Academe: The Case Study Of Women In Public University In Malaysia (RUI) (Active)

2019 : Principle Researcher: Political Ambition: Where are All the Women (Bridging Grant) (Active)




Centre for Research on Women and Gender (KANITA)

11800 USM, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
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